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What Happens When Presidential Power Goes Too Far?
A new novel explores a chilling vision of an authoritarian America.

Reading, PA – October 30, 2018 – A power-hungry president, a constitutional crisis, and a democracy in peril… Aperture Press is pleased to announce the release of Executive Order 14900, a modern political thriller written by Gary A. Keel of Oriental, North Carolina.


Executive Order 14900 is fiction and truth brilliantly interwoven. It reflects the tense atmosphere of modern American politics and asks challenging questions of our society. How could we legally take a stand against an out-of-control government? What lines must be crossed in defense of our freedoms? Gary Keel draws upon his years of experience working with and for the government to deliver answers wrapped in a powerful narrative. In a time when real-life politics have become more divided than ever, when authoritarianism in on the rise across the globe, Executive Order 14900 shines light into the darkness. It entertains and informs, all the while reminding us that we the people hold the reigns of our destiny.


Synopsis: President Jerome Elliott was elected with overwhelming support from the American people. His populist platform and soaring promises captivated voters. But now, after a series of increasingly unorthodox policy decisions and suspicions of sinister motives, a shadow gathers over the White House.

     When thirty-four state governors call for a constitutional convention to reform the federal government, Elliott fears losing control. In a desperate attempt to maintain power, he orders the revered 82nd Airborne Division to march on the convention and arrest its participants as domestic insurgents. The Georgia National Guard mobilizes to stop them, and the two forces clash in the small town of Madison. These actions echo across the nation, polarizing the populace and threatening to erupt into violence between the people and their government.

     Meanwhile, television reporters Nicole Marcel and Luke Harper race to discover the truth behind the president’s actions, while United Nations investigator Percy Leach digs deep into Elliott’s past. Chasing facts and whispers alike, they uncover the roots of dark truths that, if realized, risk sundering the very fabric of American democracy.


“America is a great experiment for humanity, an experiment in the promotion of human freedom and dignity. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people means just that. The government works for us, and its leaders should be undeniably attuned to what we expect… In every respect this is your government and it’s your responsibility to make sure it is performing up to your expectations.”

– From Executive Order 14900: Governor Timothy Kelley, Constitutional Convention, Austin, Texas


About the Author: Gary A. Keel’s upbringing in Hope, Indiana, revolved around family, the Moravian Church, and sports. His father, an Eisenhower Republican and decorated World War II veteran, exposed him to politics through hunting trips with local politicians, and discussions during poker games at the local American Legion Hall. His mother, a Great Society/War on Poverty Democrat, exposed him to pressing social issues by taking him on trips into the back woods to introduce the rural poor to social welfare programs.

     He enlisted in the military, spending a year in Vietnam where many childhood ideals were challenged. A degree in political science and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Indiana University led to his career with the federal government, where he moved up the hierarchy to executive level positions. He was appointed by Ronald Reagan to a task force designed to set up Inspector Generals throughout the government. When George W. Bush was elected, he was appointed to a political position where he gained an intricate understanding of government.
    Milestones in his career included talking to Secretary of State Colin Powell the morning of his infamous WMD speech at the UN, and a discussion with Bono about his philanthropic projects in Africa. He worked with special assistants to Leonid Brezhnev and Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa on business development programs in Russia and Poland. His work on economic development projects around the world included a geothermal plant in India, sanitary wells in Kenya, and entry-level housing development in South Africa. When NAFTA was adopted, he worked with maquiladoras in Mexico.
    The above provided a backdrop for his novel Executive Order 14900 and its sequels, which together form the compelling Strife in America series.


Executive Order 14900 will be available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. For additional information or media inquiries, please visit or contact the publisher or author.

Aperture Press

201 Washington Street
Suite 533
Reading, PA 19601

Publisher Contact:
Sharon Wells Wagner

Aperture Press
201 Washington Street
Suite 533
Reading, PA 19601
Author Contact:
Gary A Keel


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