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Michelle B. - An Exciting Read

I have read this book twice and my husband has also read it. It is a political book that is filled with drama and hope for the future. Like real life, it gives you the dirty and disappointing underside of people gone wrong. Those folks that have forgotten how to be good and honest. Then the books give you the best of the best, the folks that are willing to give of themselves for the good of the whole. Mr. Keel does a great job with his characters and building an exciting tale. There were times that I was reading as fast as I could because I was so caught up in the story.
There are few books that I keep and enjoy reading again, this is definitely one of those books. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Beverly K. - Worth the Read

I read Executive Order 14900 in a couple of days, because I couldn't put it down. Although it was not an actual event occurring, there were real scenarios with our govt. Gray's experience and understanding of the workings of government was evident in his book as you read along. I found this book to be well written and very fulfilling. I am looking forward to the sequel.

D. Sheldon - Fictional story about out of control president and impact on USA

Excellent story. Well written. Should be on everyone's reading list, no matter what party you support.
Well done first book for Gary Keel

Stephen S. - Didn't want to put this down

A real political thriller and a chilling reminder of how our democracy hangs in balance. look forward to the sequel.

Danny T. Ferguson - A novel that might save America from itself - a must read!

For any of us who have ever been concerned about a run-away government,which is ready and capable of stripping us of our Constitutional Rights and turning us into a banana republic, this new book by first time novelist Gary A. Keel entitled "Executive Order 14900" is a must read.
Think about it - what if the President of the United States goes rogue, ignores all of the rules, and runs rough shod over all of our Constitutional rights? What if he has the press in his hip pocket? What if he runs over the opposition and tries to turn America into a one man dictatorship. What could we do, if anything, after all, the president has the bully pulpit, and he is the commander in chief of all of our military power. So, I ask: is there a legal path to stop this treachery - Or, would we be destined to become slaves of the government?
Gary A. Keel is a Viet Nam veteran, who after his military service led a distinguished career in government. For years, he has studied in great depth this plight of a runaway government-dictatorship, and he has explored what avenues, if any, might be available to stop the systematic destruction of America.The story tells us that no matter how bad things look for our country that there is hope if we are courageous enough to utilize the tools available.
Although this is Gary's first novel, his true-to-life characters and his refined writing skills, including his exquisite wordsmithing and excellent dialogue presentations make the reader feel they are reading the work of a seasoned author. And, I predict, there will be more to come from Gary, perhaps a sequel. I highly recommend this empowering novel, "Executive Order 14900". 

Chris W. - Timely, relevant, and educational political intrigue!

The timing of the release of this novel couldn't be any better. Amidst an impeachment & 2nd Amendment issues in the news, this novel further highlights why Americans need to know their state's and federal government's rights and obligations. The realistic scenarios presented give readers a chance to consider for themselves just how important a system of checks and balances can be in a true democracy. Understanding of the author's background of serving in the federal government, piques one's curiosity as to the likelihood any of the novel's plot has almost happened or could potentially happen in the future. I'm looking forward to Mr. Keel's sequels to learn even more about what I should pay attention to in American politics.

Amazon Customer - Powerful, thought provoking. After January 6 this isn't just non fiction.

Read Gary's book a year ago when my sister loaned it to me. Just ordered my own copy and another for a friend. Wasn't sure what was happening in the first chapter. The more I read, the more I had to keep reading. Could not read fast enough! Was not written about Trump but the similarities were too evident. Enough to provoke thought and discussions with friends who also read. Was this really possible in our democracy? It almost became real January 6th.
Was so proud of Gary in writing such an impressive first novel. Had no inkling of his potential when we went to junior high together. Hope, IN is proud of him and his accomplishment.
Can't wait for his next novel!

greenglass - Political intrigue at it's best

A tale of caution about presidential power grabbing and corruption within the political system. Although it isn't specifically about President Trump the book has much food for thought about political schemes and where overreaching can lead. I kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen and look forward to other books by this author. His knowledge of politics, the military, the constitution, and our entire political system is evident and I haven't seen another book that brings together so many key players in our country. I enjoyed the book as a really good story with surprising twists and turns, while asking myself, "Could this really happen? and "What needs to be done to prevent this kind of thing, to protect our republic?"

Nanners - This book is Amazing!

Along with Gary’s exciting background with the government and the military, he easily incorporated those resources into a fantastic story. The Author is descriptive, giving the reader a clear sense of the characters and the feel of the surroundings. This is surreal timing considering the recent circumstances of our Nation! By the way . . . What does happen to President Jerome Elliott?

Barnes & Noble Reviews:

2-busy-for-bad-books - Gary A. Keel's Executive Order 14900 Is A Thrilling Read Filled Wi ...

Gary A. Keel's Executive Order 14900 is a thrilling read filled with historical facts, suspense, and great expectation that good will indeed overcome evil. He recognizes how precious our freedom is today as it was on the day our Constitution was signed, September 17, 1787. I lived vicariously through the pages as the American people called for a constitutional convention and rightfully took back the authority that 'We the People' were granted by our Founding Fathers. As John Adams once said, "You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom, I hope you will make a good use of it." His message is at the core of this book!

Bob Quinn - Executive Order 14900 Is A Most Excellent, Powerful And Intriguin ...

Executive Order 14900 is a most excellent, powerful and intriguing book depicting what can happen when our system of governmental checks and balances are ignored by those in power.
Thank God for the US Constitution and the people and groups not afraid to use it as intended by our founding fathers.
I hope there's a sequel showing justice being served and a warning against complacency.

Anonymous - Keel Has Written A Page Turner That Is A Cautionary Tale About Our ...

Keel has written a page turner that is a cautionary tale about our political system being in the hands of an overreaching power hungry president. His knowledge of our three branches of government, the constitution, homeland security and the FBI come through in a way no other political mystery I've read has evidenced. Everyone who is concerned for the future of our United States of America should read this. It brings home the fact that we are all responsible for the government we have and that our founders built in tools for us to use in a crisis. Also that maybe some changes need to be be made to make our government a of the people and for the people again instead of the rich and powerful and for the rich and powerful.

Hardee - As The Author States In His Acknowledgement, His Cherokee Grandmot ...

As the author states in his acknowledgement, his Cherokee grandmother taught him that there is a story teller in all of us--it comes across clearly in his writing that there is a great writer and story teller in the author Gary A. Keel . The novel is thrilling from the first sentence: Private Denny Lang sat behind his M240 machine gun on high alert. This book Executive Order 14900 is intriguing and makes me want to read more of his work because facts are combined with history. It is obvious that the author has insight and knowledge combined with creativity. Excellent novel. I would like to visualize it as a movie. I bought two additional copies for Christmas presents and look forward to reading many more novels by this author.

Fred D. - #Edgeofyourseat

This adventure had me from the first pages. As I live not far from Fort Bragg, Mr Keel's mention of nearby communities made me feel the intrigue to follow was entirely plausible! I felt I was there, in the middle of the action right through the last chapter. The ending has me awaiting the next installment of the promised sequel. Write on, my friend!

Anonymous - Great Read! Do You Love History And A Great Novel Combined? Then ...

Great read! Do you love history and a great novel combined? Then you will enjoy this fictional novel mixed with many facts. It shows how the American people pull together in the crisis of a corrupt government. Wonderful book!

Anonymous - Very Well Written On A Topic Of National Interest. The Author Demo ...

Very well written on a topic of national interest. The author demonstrates his in-depth understanding of both politics and the military. I would strongly recommend anyone having an interest in that relationship read this.

KClouse - A New Author Hits A Home Run

I have a new favorite author and am looking forward to Gary Keel's next book. Executive Order starts with a bang and drew me into the dark side of a U.S. executive branch run amok.

Texas Susan - Gary Keel Has Written A Book About Power Hungry And The Mania That ...

Gary Keel has written a book about power hungry and the mania that could happen if political machine goes out of whack. This book had me wanting more.

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